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Find the right teaching jobs in your nearby locality within a few clicks with OTOO. Here’s why you should choose OTOO -


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Discover verified leads based on your qualifications and requirements in a few clicks with OTOO’s vast network.


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Flexibly schedule the classes and take up a time that is convenient as per your schedule and make teaching easy.


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Register yourself as an OTOO tutor and boost your earning potential by getting competitive payment for your services.

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Finding a tuition near me is effortless with OTOO. Get started on your teaching journey in 3 simple steps -

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Register on the OTOO app and choose your location to start exploring nearby job vacancies or contact us directly.

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Once the registration is completed, search for the nearest vacancies as per your locality and instantly book your first demo class.

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How To Works

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Start your teaching journey based on the demo class to give your career a boost and enjoy the career growth.

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Become an OTOO Tutor today and join the army of 40000+ OTOO Tutors who have taught over 56000+ students. Increase your income multifold with facilities such as:

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Grow With OTOO
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Becoming an OTOO Tutor has numerous advantages for all the teachers. We offer three different facilities for tutors to avail these advantages:

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Become a Home Tutor

Access students who need personal guidance near you and earn as a home tutor in different cities of India like Bangalore, Jaipur, etc.

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Become an Online Tutor

Access students who need your one-to-one guidance online and flexibly schedule the classes from anywhere.

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Teach Students at your Home

Find students to teach at the comfort of your own house or for your institute from OTOO’s vast network of experienced professionals.

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Get answers to all the frequently asked questions. Don’t see your answer? Contact us for more information.

Home tuition allows a learner to learn in their style, manner, and pace. In home tuition, students enjoy personal guidance and attention from her/his tutor. This helps a learner to develop a better understanding of concepts and witness an improvement in their performance. To give a boost to your learning, simply head with “best home tuition near me” or visit otootuitions.com and enjoy a personalised learning experience.

Excellence can never be assured. It could only be achieved with clarity in concepts. Big, giant classrooms may not always be able to solve all the doubts and clear all the concepts of all the students. Home tuitions, on the other hand, offer personalised learning experiences to students and help them develop clarity in their concepts, which ultimately helps them attain excellence.

Nothing is essential except water(bit philosophical). Home tuitions are a perfect solution for those who find it difficult to cope with classrooms running extremely large sizes or feel shy about raising doubts. With home tuitions, a student, over time, develops a bond with his/her home tutor. This ultimately kicks down his hesitation to raise doubts and also gains a better understanding of concepts.

Home Tuitions could prove as a great solution for small kids (4-10 years of age). It is important to emphasize personal attention in the early learning years of a kid. Opting for home tuition would help a child receive personal attention from her/his home tutor and get better clarity in learning. If you’re looking to provide best home tuition to your ward, simply browse, “best home tuition near me” or visit otootuitions.com and get access to the best home tutor nearby.

The benefits of home tuitions to a tutor are multifold. Home tuition proves to be both economical and time-saving for a tutor. Since a home tutor delivers her/his lessons nearby to his location, it thus helps him to take multiple classes easily and witness a boost in their monthly income.

If you’re looking for tutor/tutors nearby your location for your institute, then simply search “best tutor near me” or visit otootuitions.com. You need to then submit your requirement and OTOO Tuitions would be connecting you with your desired tutor.

Getting a best home tuition nearby your location is very easy. You just need to search “best home tuition near me” or “best home tutors near me”. You can also submit your tuition requirements by visiting otootuitions.com and enjoy learning from the best home tutor nearby your location. Our team would then be connecting you with your desired tutor.

At OTOO, learner owns an exclusive opportunity to learn at their own pace and comfort. Here the learner chooses their desired home tutor and even owns the opportunity to replace a tutor, if he/she, upon a certain period of time, does not teach at their comfort. To connect with your desired tutor, you only need to visit otootuitions.com or simply search, “best home tutor/tutors near me” and enjoy learning at your comfort.

Yes, the demo class is free of cost.

The registration charges vary as per the locality and availability of tuitions.

We take a maximum of 24-48 hours to provide a perfect tutor depending on the availability and locality of the tuition.

Yes, we provide tutor replacement facility without any additional cost.

Yes, all our tutors are verified during the registration process. You can also re-verify the tutor before hiring to be truly sure.

OTOO is a reputed platform that specializes in providing one-to-one tuition and connects parents and students with qualified and verified tutors near their location. It is a government-registered company (CIN Number - U80302RJ2015PTC048460) with a wide network of registered parents and students. We are the most recommended tuition service provider with no hidden terms and conditions to make the tuition experience efficient, result-oriented, and easy. You can easily find all the tuition-related information directly on our app to quickly start earning.

Starting your journey as a tutor with OTOO is effortless. You can find three different ways to deliver tuition services at OTOO. We provide both online and offline classes or tuitions for different cities or states of PAN India. There are different ways through which tuition can be done - a. Students can visit the tutor’s home b. Tutors too can go to student’s home. c. Take online tuition in PAN India.

You can easily connect with OTOO. Simply download the *OTOO TUTOR* App from the App Store and register yourself by filling in all the required details mentioned. Make sure that you fill in all the details completely as asked, to get the best tuition nearby you. To register on OTOO - A tutor must be a minimum of 18 years of age with a basic 12 class as an educational qualification. Any tutor with such basic qualifications and a desire and skill for teaching can enroll in OTOO. No, there are no hidden or registration charges. OTOO never asks for any kind of charges from the tutors for registration, it's always free.

After downloading the app, you can easily see all the tuition requirements as per your specifications near your location on the OTOO dashboard. You can apply for the tuition requirements directly to show your interest in teaching home tuition or you can purchase coins to get the contact details of parents and can teach at your place or visit them as per your mutual understanding.

No. You will not be paid for the demo classes. Demo classes will be given by you for free and if appointed, the demo class will not be included with the tuition month. However, if you provide more than one demo class for the same tuition, you will be paid according to the extra days taught.

All the payment-related information including company charges, tuition fees, and other mandatory details will be visible on the OTOO Tutor app dashboard when you apply for a particular tuition. Make sure to read them thoroughly before applying. You can further approve it if comfortable with everything. But if a tutor enrolls with the coin system, the company will not decide or help in any payout system. Usually, the service charge is around 40% of the first-month tuition fees. No deduction shall be done by the company for the rest of the months if the tutor continues the same tuition. However, you can find the apt details of a particular tuition directly from the dashboard before applying.

Students looking to study at your place or institute will be visible through our coin-lead model only. After registering, you can purchase coins from the OTOO Tutor app and get the contact details of the parents directly by spending a few coins. Connect with parents and take tuition as per your preference and convenience. However, it is important to note that OTOO does not hold any obligation in such coin-based leads.

You can find tuition requirements for different classes starting from pre-primary till the 12th class on the OTOO app. You can select what classes you want to teach as per your interests, skills, and qualifications.

We apologize for the inconvenience faced. Kindly provide us detailed feedback on the issue faced at info@otootuitions.com or contact us directly at +91- 8107008788.

You can submit your query to info@otootuitions.com or portal or call us at +91- 8107008788.

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