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Prevention of crime: Teachers Responsibility?
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Prevention of crime: Teachers Responsibility?

It is generally known that teachers play an important role in preventing or reducing crimes in schools. Students learn how to live life, learning the knowledge given by the teacher. Therefore, it is up to the teacher to give children knowledge of right and wrong things. 

For this, making a safe place where children can learn and grow depends on partnerships between students, parents, teachers, and other community institutions. It is the moral duty of every employee of the school and even private tuition teachers to take action to stop crime.  

Carry Out Several Competitions to Spread Awareness 

Teachers can spread awareness about crimes by engaging children in anti-criminal activities in their school like anti-criminal poster competitions, anti-drug rallies, and counseling with home tutors or volunteers. Children should be informed by teachers about the side effects caused by alcohol or other drugs and teachers should make children aware of such purchases.

Sharpen Student’s Strength 

Teachers must sharpen students’ skills, emphasize the strength of children, and create a good environment for them. Teach students how to reduce their risk of becoming a victim of crime and how to stay away from them. As much as the academics taught in the school are important, updating children with necessary safety and security education is equally required. 

Thus, be it school teachers or tuition teachers at home, both should lay their focus on educating students with important measures they can adopt when faced with a crime. Informing the children is crucial so that they do not commit any wrongdoing.

Prepare a Disciplinary Plan of Action 

Develop consistent disciplinary action policies, good security procedures, and incident response plans and teach them to students to give them an insight into the plan of action when faced with such situations. Furthermore, proper training should be provided to students and observed how students react at times of crisis. Personal counseling through private tutors at home can help students combat and avoid the worst scenarios in advance and would further result in the prevention of crime. 

Crime prevention is the anticipation, recognition and evaluation of the risk of a crime, and there should be action and appropriate measures by teachers to remove it.

Elementary Education Is Crucial 

Elementary education given by the teacher to the student plays an integral role in the mental health development of the children. During the first three years of a child’s life, they develop their cognitive and behavioral traits in which the teacher plays an important role because it is the teacher who identifies them as right and wrong, many of which range for their future personality traits.

It is the moral responsibility of school teachers, parents, and home tuition teachers that they identify these traits from the beginning and help the student in reshaping his behavior in the initial stage. 

Hire a Personal Tutor at Home 

In particular, children learn skills about how to deal with problems and confrontations, and in these periods of the child’s life, exposure to a safe learning environment allows them to develop ways to secure conflict and prevent criminal activity. 

For this, one-to-one interaction is quite necessary which is usually not possible in schools where a teacher has to pay attention to a large number of students at the same time. It could be only provided by personal tutors through one-to-one tuition or guidance at home. Parents can search for home tutors near me online to find the ideal mentor for their child and teach him the importance of personal 

The teacher should have important discussions with his students such as about violence, smoking, sex, drugs, drinking, and death – even if the subject is difficult or embarrassing. But do not wait for your students to come to you and explain to them about these topics so that they understand the activities of wrong work and do not get involved in these wrong activities.


The school is considered to be a central area to prevent crime. Emotional support from teachers is more important for the prevention of crime and with it the teacher should understand the student’s mind. If he is doing something wrong then talk to him. Tell the student about its side effects and bring it right.

Home tutors and other school staff are given a greater responsibility to identify problems that will occur in the future. It is the teacher who explains the misfortune of crime to the student and tells about how to avoid committing these wrong actions and remain correct so that the student can make their life easier and live a better life.