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Our Journey

Founded in October 2022, OTOO is a dynamic startup driven by a shared vision: to provide quality education for all. We embarked on this journey with a simple yet powerful idea that we were determined to turn into reality. Recognizing the uniqueness of each child and their diverse learning capabilities, we understood the need for tailored teaching methods to unlock their true potential. Inspired by the shortcomings of the existing education system, we set out to find solutions.

The result? Introducing OTOO - One-to-one tuition for all! With personalized guidance from dedicated tutors, every child can now study at their own pace, benefit from focused doubt-solving sessions, and feel confident in their learning journey. Our innovative approach to personalized learning empowers students to concentrate better, grasp concepts faster, and achieve remarkable academic performance.

Our Vision
Our Vision

At OTOO, our core vision is to ensure that every student receives top-quality education. We strive to bridge the gap between tutors and institutions by connecting organizations with skilled and proficient teachers in various subjects. Additionally, we provide valuable career opportunities to educators, enabling them to excel in their profession.

In the coming years, OTOO is committed to becoming a distinctive solution, not only in urban areas but also in rural communities. Our goal is to make quality education easily accessible to all, regardless of their geographical location.

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Rohit Khandelwal

Rohit Khandelwal

Founder, OTOO

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