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Importance of Pre Primary Education
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Importance of Pre Primary Education

According to Indian traditions, families are centers of pre-primary education. A mother is the first teacher of the child, who motivates the child to socialize her behavior by inspiring auspicious rites. The father also acts as a teacher after the mother, who inspires her for virtue by inspiring her auspicious works. And examining the child who is more interested in the subject and sending it to home tuition or coaching.

Primary education aims to change the behavior of the individual and to aim at his goals as predetermined. Primary education provides a child with the opportunity to read and write in their language. He also learns basic mathematics along with language knowledge. Elementary education does not make a child a scholar but serves to show him the path on which the child can achieve great achievement in the future.

Primary education is also called primary education for children between 6 and 14 years of age. These are considered important basic years for children when the basics of their life gain strength, and their personal skills, understanding, linguistic abilities, sophisticated creativity, etc. develop. And his interest is detected so that the child can be given more emphasis on home tuition or any other way of his interest.

The importance of primary education is very important in the life of the student because primary education is the basis of the life of the student, the primary purpose of primary education is to prepare children for secondary education.

Evaluate the vast potential of children for development and learning during the primary years. It shows the student’s manpower and serves his / her purpose. This primary education is about the future, it is helped by the primary education or home tuition teacher in what to become in the future.

Basic minimum knowledge and skills should be given to all children up to a certain age. Only through education can children be taught about practical skills, culture, lifestyle, health proper behavior in society, etc. in modern society. Later on, what is to be made of it depends on the primary education and its interest is revealed only by elementary education.

But schools must also take into account the wider status and needs of children and society in today’s complex world. Primary school dropouts should be dressed like this. Primary education facilitates human life and makes it simpler. From elementary education to humans, from caves to plazas, from a small piece of land to the whole world and even to space, the result is ready.

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan was implemented as India’s flagship program for universalization of primary education, with universal, accessible access to and retention of education, sharing of gender and social high-based differences in education, and children’s An increase in the learning level is ordered to provide ubiquitous access.

Elementary education provides students with a basic understanding of various subjects as well as skills that they will use throughout their lives. Primary education is usually the first phase of formal education, which comes after pre-school and before secondary education. Primary education usually takes place in an elementary school. The basic goal of quality primary education is to provide opportunities for children of different age groups to enter the education system by providing emotional and cognitive instruction through a balanced curriculum. To help in the social development of children. And with this, elementary education teaches students how to study and participate in the basics of the core curriculum.

The younger generation is the foundation of a nation, just as a building cannot survive without a foundation, in the same way, no nation can progress without youth power. The first contribution to creating a strong and responsible young generation depends on the student's primary education.

Education plays an important role in nation-building. The development of the economy and society can only be done through education. The creation of a cultured and well-educated nation cannot be imagined without primary education.

Through primary education, good thoughts are filled inside the child and the bad thoughts inserted in the child are taken out. Primary education paves the way for the life of the student. It serves to make the student prestigious in society. This brings humanity to the student. Through this, there is enough help in putting good values in the human community.

Primary education is the process of elevating humans from animals. An animal is ignorant and has little knowledge of right or wrong. Uneducated men are also mannered. He is not able to make the right decision. But when he gets an older education than primary education, his knowledge box opens. Then he performs each task thoughtfully. He is able to overcome all kinds of confusions within him. The primary meaning of primary education is to guide the person properly. Education that does not guide a person properly is not education but illiteracy.

It is important for young children to spend time with other children before starting primary education, especially children from different backgrounds and cultures. No one can minimize the importance of group activities, not only does group interaction help young children develop a sense of respect for others, but they also learn the difference between right and wrong, how to play cooperatively, As well as how to share, compromise, follow instructions, resolve conflicts and give your opinion.

Every parent wishes their child to be a useful person for themselves and the environment. Therefore we can address the importance of family in primary education and educated child rearing.