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Teacher: Guide to Life
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Teacher: Guide to Life

The education provided by the teacher plays an important role in the student’s life to succeed in the career and business of the student. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society and good citizens of the country. The teacher knows that the student is the future of any country; today the trend of home tuition has become more prominent.

People give more importance to the home tuition to the student than the school and see the home tuition teacher who is in the student’s home be near so that there is no problem in coming.

The future development of any country lies in the hands of the teachers. What we become in life and which subject the student is more interested in so that the student can make more progress also depends on the teachers. Teachers fill data and information in the minds of students for analysis. Therefore a teacher is very important in our lives.

Therefore, the appreciation of teachers is very important because teachers are the most important people in the country. Everything we see in business, politics, and society today is influenced by all teachers. In India, teachers are considered more than God, so every year in India; we celebrate “Teacher’s Day” on 5 September.

Parents are also the first teachers of the child, so parents know about which subject their child is more interested in, and therefore they give more importance to home tuition for the student so that his child can achieve more success in that subject. Their children become what they want them to be. The teacher is not only human but also nature. It is like plants. Those who face difficult situations give education to the child going forward.

Some students are great, not that they are born with greatness. They have become great because teachers have helped them become great. This is why the teacher in our life is a great person who knows about the future. We understand our interest and increase the confidence of the student to move forward.

A student is like wet clay in the hands of teachers, which they can give any shape. If a student is taught well then it becomes an important tool for society. If taught wrong, it can become a weapon of destruction, for this, some people give more importance to home tuition because all the children are taught together in school, and everyone is considered equal on the subject of student interest, but home tuition, the teacher pays attention to the student according to his interest.

Along with understanding the importance of the teacher, the parents of the students should also keep in mind that they should hand over their child to a school where there are great teachers, teachers with professional, personal, and social behavior so that the student is given proper education and its future should be bright.

The importance of a teacher can never be less because the teacher enables us to judge what is right and wrong. Presently, the condition of a teacher has become pathetic in some places. Today, the teacher is not getting the respect they deserve. It is the teacher who truly lays the foundation for living a good life.

By the way, the teacher means an educator, but it is only a literal meaning because a teacher’s duty does not end only by giving education. A teacher instills all the abilities in a student so that students continue to progress in their lives and make the country and the world proud.

The teacher has a major contribution to making a skilled citizen. Because when a child goes to school, only a teacher teaches him to distinguish right from wrong and shows him the right path. The teacher teaches them how to reason. The teacher only tells that the moral things told in the stories are really true and how to apply them in life. The teacher also helps in developing the student’s character.

A teacher is not just a person of limited scope. His personality is an inspiration to the world. He lights the world with the lamp of his knowledge. Today’s era may have become technical but even today the importance of teachers is as much as it was in ancient times. It is the teacher who understands the student’s spirit and helps to brighten his future.

Teachers make children knowledgeable and cultured. When the child gets out of the house and enters the school, he goes to the teacher’s shelter. Teachers are the guardians of children in school. They teach children how to live life. The child is grateful to the teacher and pays him his respects.

Teachers spread the light of knowledge inside children and remove the darkness of ignorance inside them. If there is reverence within the student, then the teacher gives him all his knowledge.

The responsibility of the teacher is huge. He can give the right direction to human society. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. If children are educated, they will illuminate the name of the country. If they are cultured, the country will become civilized. If teachers put good values in children, then the country will benefit from it. Education spread all around, no child is illiterate and the burden is on the teachers. If the teacher wishes, then he can build a society in which high-altitude, caste discrimination, jealousy, unpleasantness, etc. have no place.

That is the master potter and the disciple pitcher. Just as the potter diligently dilutes the pitcher, similarly the Guru also cleanses the defects of the students. The hardness of the Guru is external, from inside he is kind and a well-wisher of the student. Therefore, one should not pay attention to the scolding of the Guru. The Guru always wishes good for the student.

It is not easy to understand the importance of teachers in our life and teacher’s life but we can help them by giving them gifts by becoming good people.

OTOO Home Tuition works in this way. Teachers of OTOO fully understand the interests of the student, give correct knowledge of education, understand the importance of the subject, and help brighten the future of the student.