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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka Fee, Reviews
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Top 10 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka Fee, Reviews

Have you also wondered about which schools to choose for your little one in Bangalore? Don’t worry we understand the fuss and with so many options it can be a hefty task to select a single one. Thus, we have listed some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore that can help your child get the best of education and guidance. Check out the list below to understand which school aligns well with the study and education pattern of your child. 

10 Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore, Karnataka

1. BGS International Residential School – Best CBSE School in Bangalore

BGS International Residential School is another find that we found suitable for the CBSE Board. Their educational assistance is unparalleled, however, what we loved was their equal attention and importance to extra-curricular activities. They have a Cricket Ground with pitches of International Standards, a 9-hole Golf Course, a Swimming Pool, and a Horse Riding Ring. The school equestrian consists of 8 horses with much room for expansion. In addition, spacious rooms for Yoga, Indoor Games, and a Gymnasium are built in the basement of the school. Their focus is on helping students' overall mental, physical, and emotional development.  

Their spacious and technologically advanced classrooms will definitely help your child get the concepts more clearly and help them step up the ladder of academic success. 

Ratings and Reviews - With a rating of 4.4 and 177 reviews on Google, parents love the schools’ overall teaching and educational experience. 

2. Orchids International School

Orchids International School stands as the epitome of quality education all over Bangalore and other cities and is one of the best school chains in town. Having a plush of world-class amenities and exceptional facilities in sports including archery, taekwondo, swimming, and basketball sets them apart from the other schools. Earning esteemed rewards like India’s Best School 2017, Outstanding Teaching and Training award, and the Most Influential Education Brand in India in 2015-16 speaks loud of its success. With a low student-teacher ratio, i.e., 1:25, they prioritize personal attention to every student. 

The best part of the school is that with diversified and widespread branches all over Bangalore, you can always find its branch close to your locality in Bangalore.


Ratings and Reviews - The school has an average rating of 4.1 rating with a total of 353 Google reviews, which is quite good. 

3. Treamis World School – Best CBSE School in Bangalore

Treamis World School stands as one of the best options in Bangalore if you are looking for a CBSE-based curriculum. The campus’ unique design and child-friendly facilities are definitely going to attract you if you are looking for an institution that helps your child develop in every aspect. Their customized integrated learning curriculum and informal learning environment, provide the child an opportunity to ask their doubts and get a comprehensive understanding of concepts freely. The school uses technology-aided teaching which helps students develop critical thinking skills. 

Ratings and Reviews - The school marks a rating of 4.3 with a total of 280 reviews to date which are enough for all the new parents seeking admission in the particular institution.  

4. Harvest International School – Best CBSE School in Bangalore

Harvest International School is one of  the most technologically advanced schools in Bangalore. If you are looking for a school that can help your child keep up the pace with the emerging technologies, you have found the right spot. Its design lab includes tools like 3D printers and coding, which allows students to work on real life problems and brings out their creative and critical thinking skills. In addition, they also offer exciting sports facilities like karate, cricket, basketball, and football. Talking about their student-teacher ratio, they maintain a pretty good 10:1 ratio so that every child can enjoy personalized attention and mentorship. 

Ratings and Reviews - They have a good rating of 4.5 based on 301 reviews, identified among the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.

5. National Public School – Best CBSE School in Bangalore

National Public School hosts huge libraries and labs and conducts various events regularly to ensure that the child doesn’t lag behind in practical knowledge. They are equipped with the latest technology and resources which helps students to remain on the upper side of the tech domain and get the best of knowledge in a diversified and changing educational landscape. They maintain a student-teacher ratio of 17:1 which is competitively solid in terms of personalized attention and guidance. The school caters to pre-primary to 12th grade and is a single-stop solution for your child’s education, right from scratch to a scholar. Talking about its location, it is situated in the center of Indira Nagar and is easily accessible. 

Ratings and Reviews - It has a rating of 3.6 along with a total of 167 reviews on Google which can help parents seeking guidance about the school. 

6. Vidyaniketan Public School – Best CBSE School in Bangalore

Vidyniketan Public School boasts its vast infrastructure and exceptional academic excellence with a plush of the latest educational resources. They organize various events and competitions in different aspects of both curricular and extracurricular to help students adapt with 21st-century learning skills. They help students to develop curiosity and creativity through hands-on experimentation and research.  

The unparalleled expertise of experienced faculty brings an effective blend of creative curriculum that helps students excel in their learning. In addition to the academic labs, they have also initialized a maker’s space lab that includes robotics, IOT, and coding that encourages students to plan and implement original ideas. 

Ratings and Reviews - The school has a fantastic 4.3 rating and 510 reviews on Google which is pretty good for showcasing its educational service. 

7. Swaminarayan Gurukul International School


Swaminarayan Gurukul International School stands proudly on its unique blend of modern, traditional, and spiritual education that contributes to bringing out the true talent in a child and doesn’t stick to just a bookish or academic curriculum. This boy's school integrates our Indian values into students and motivates them in their different skills. They organize various events in all three domains including modern education, traditional education, and spiritual education. The school campus is filled with greenery and is equipped with essential teaching facility to meet high learning standards. 

Parents who don’t want their child to get lost amidst the continuous race of getting marks and want to maintain our Indian values along with the best of education can choose this educational institution without a doubt. 

Ratings and Reviews - The school has an overall rating of 4.3 and marks a total of 442 reviews which depicts its exceptional education standards. 

8. Whitefield Global School

Whitefield Global School spread its wings on a picturesque 2.5-acre land that lies in lush green surroundings.  "WGS", an Institution of Chalasani Education Trust, is totally committed to imparting holistic education to children and turning them into responsible global citizens for the future. Their aim is to provide quality education using a fine blend of modern techniques with time-tested ideas and methods so that the child can develop their learning skills comprehensively. 

Reviews and Ratings - The school has a total of 288 Google reviews depicting parents' experiences with the school, both negative and positive. You can benefit from the reviews instantly. 

9. The Amaatra Academy

The Amaatra Academy is a CBSE school that started in the year 2019. It offers holistic education, mentoring, and a lifestyle that equips students to compete for prestigious colleges the world over. The Amaatra Academy's motto is to nurture a child steadily and sensitively while keeping a keen eye on his/ her absorbent mind and developmental needs. With an advanced infrastructure, the school facilitates a variety of outdoor activities, Yoga and IT-enabled classrooms, and well-equipped labs.

Reviews and Ratings - The school has a rating of 3.7 and a total of 163 Google reviews which are quite helpful. 

10. Smt. Kamalabai Educational Institution | Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru

The foundation of Smt. Kamalabai Educational Institution was founded by a visionary philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dharmaprakash Sri Rao Bahadur Thiruvengadaswamy Mudaliar in the year 1931. The school has emphasized its focus on the overall development of children. The serene, positive, and ecologically sound environment of the school, crucial human values inculcated in the children by well-qualified, esteemed teachers, and creative freedom that equips every student with important life skills have led the school to impeccable heights in the past 89 years. 

Reviews and Ratings - The school has a total 99 Google reviews and a rating of 4.5 which parents can benefit from.