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Why should parents teach core life skills to their children
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Why should parents teach core life skills to their children

So, with the advancement in technology and development, everyone has become up-skilled and hi-tech. Tech and artificial intelligence are at our fingertips. Even an 8-year-old can crack codes within seconds! Thanks to this process, but, have you ever noticed that fully grown teenagers are unable to do some basic chores and simple things? 

There was the era of our parents when they used to take care of the whole house at an early age. Thus parents should teach life skills to their children with ongoing advanced education so that every person can become self-dependent. After all, parents are the first and best tutors at home that can help their child gain more knowledge that is impossible to attain in a traditional classroom setting. 

According to the famous editor Lindsay Hutton- "Life skills are essential for your child to learn how to be independent and become self-sufficient"

Life skills are the building blocks or framework that allows children to apply them in real-world problems and situations. Proper life skills will also help your child feel empowered, improve self-esteem, and help in socialization and analyzing skills. It boosts independent thinking, makes friends and to deal with scenarios when parents/teachers are not around.

Examples of these skills could be - 

  • Self-reflection
  • Problem-solving
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Censorious thinking
  • Analytical skills

These life skills could be best inculcated by the home tutors, i.e., parents only, and can be forwardly imparted by the teachers.

Parents as teachers

The first teachers are parents and there are many ways for them to teach life skills to their young ones. One can teach cleaning, cooking and then can move to complex things such as managing a budget and caretaking a home. Behavioral aspects such as helping, kindness, politeness, and managing should be taught to kids.

Parents can organize fun activities such as game nights, theme events, and charity work to ensure the character-building of their children.

Skills according to age groups-

Every life skill has a proper time to be imparted so that a child couldn't find them hectic. Every stage includes some main skills.

1. In elementary school

  • Personal safety

Personal safety is the basic skill that every student must learn from the start in order to protect themselves from the rising crimes and frauds in society. This will help them to identify between all the wrongs and your guidance on how to deal with the situation will help him to cope effectively. 

  • Self-care

Another important factor that you must teach as a home tutor should be self-care. It will help them to take care of themselves independently. 

  • Kindness to others

Students must learn to possess kindness to others in their innate nature from a moral perspective. It will help them become better human beings in the future. 

  • Communication with others 

Open communication fosters a healthy relationship and a positive mindset. Teach your kids to communicate openly and speak up about their thoughts. So, next time when your child gets hesitant and looks for a tutor near me, be the guide who supports him. 

2. In middle school

  • Kitchen safety

Kitchen safety is something that every individual must be taught as a basic survival skill. Training your child for this will help them stay safe while performing the basic kitchen chores. 

  • Self-dependency when home alone

Teaching your little one to be self-dependent when home alone will give them the confidence to face the world head-on even when you are distant with them. 

  • Label reading (product and medicine labels)

Reading product and medicine labels is important before consuming them. It is important to impart the habit of reading and checking the labels of food items, medicines, etc., to ensure they are safe to consume in your children. It will help them develop good habit and the responsibility of taking care of themselves as well as others. 

  • Management of social skills

Being a social being, learning social skills is quite necessary. Be the personal tutor of your child and make him familiar with basic management of social skills. With this, he will be able to cope with daily life and social problems with ease. 

3. In high school

  • Money management

High school learners can get away from the track if not provided with proper information on money matters. Thus, money management is a skill that must add to the portfolio of your child as a parent. 

  • Driving vehicle 

Another skill that you must add is teaching them how to drive a vehicle. A basic understanding of driving confidently and safely will help them in the upcoming future. 

  • Managing time

Time Management is one of the most crucial skills that you should pass on to your little one. 

  • Keeping a job

As much as other factors and learning are important, it is also required that your little one understands his responsibility effectively. Keeping up a job will give his young mind exposure to the outer world and provide him with an overall understanding of things in life. Making up for himself is the last skill that you must encompass in your child. 

In addition, you must remember to teach a child to never stop reading or learning a book because knowledge is power. Your life skills are best utilized when you have an ample amount of knowledge. These skills are necessary as they will make young minds compete with the world.


Development of these skills will help a child to have a brief idea about career and what they aspire to be! Such things are for sure more difficult than bookish knowledge but, with home tuitions by parents, patience and understanding, it can be achieved. It will ultimately help your child to become successful and dependent.