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Making Learning Easy with OTOO

In 2015, our team set off with a burning desire to make learning simple and affordable to everyone. After testing and feedback, we were convinced that the best learning happens one-to-one. Hence OTOO (One-To-One), formerly called Padhai Help, a platform to help students find experienced and qualified tutors near them. All the while, helping tutors find a flexible and transparent mode of teaching.
Under our brand (Padhai Help) we are also running robotics teaching labs, across states, in India for young students.

Trusted By Students and Tutors

  • Launched Padhai Help in 2015


    Launched Padhai Help, Jaipur

    Served 72 parents and 50 tutors

  • Launched Robo Kidz Lab in 2016


    Launched Robo Kidz Lab

    For robotics courses and training

  • In 2017,Padhai Help grew by 5000%


    Padhai Help Grew by 5000%

    Aug 2017, we were serving 4559 tutors and 13000 parents

  • Padhai Help relaunched as OTOO Home Tuitions


    Padhai Help was relaunched as OTOO

    We’re proudly serving 26,000+ parents and 15000+ tutors across 3 cities

  • Padhai Help in Indore


    Padhai Help in Indore

    On our way to becoming a trusted brand, we had 20000+ parents on board

  • Padhai Help in Ahmedabad


    Padhai Help in Ahmedabad

    Nov, 2017, our overwhelming response encouraged us to start a new city

Meet Our Founders

Cofounder of Padhai Help & OTOO Home Tuitions

Rohit Khandelwal

Co-Founder, OTOO

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Cofounder of Padhai Help & OTOO Home Tuitions

Keshav Rawat

Co-Founder, OTOO

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OTOO's Aim

OTOO’s aim is to provide every student personal attention & care for their future goals

We understand that every child is special and cannot be taught by the same method, at the same speed. Our vision is to build a system where every child receives personal attention and care so that they can grow into confident and smart adults. We believe that parents want to be involved in their child’s learning and want the freedom to choose from the best available tutors. We are convinced that good teaching must be encouraged. We do this by fully supporting our teachers and helping them easily find students and manage their time.

We Are Driven To Serve You The Best

OTOO Tuitions provide 98% Parents satisfaction


Parent Satisfaction Rating

OTOO have 10,000+ happy students


Happy Students



Member Dedicated Team

365 Day Customer Support


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We operate in three cities

OTOO Home Tuitions provide home tutors in Jaipur


OTOO Home Tuitions provide home tutors in Indore


Tuitions provide home tutors in Ahmedabad


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