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Swati Srivastava

, 26 years
  • 8 Years of experience
  • Chemistry, English, Maths
  • Andul Road

Vivek Jain

, 30 years
  • 9 Years of experience
  • Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning
  • Dankuni

Sandeep Jain

, 25 years
  • 4 Years of experience
  • Physics
  • Haltu

Gunjan Jain

, 31 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Social Science
  • Kaikhali

Abhinav Gupta

, 42 years
  • 11 Years of experience
  • English
  • Lake Gardens

Usha Mathur

, 40 years
  • 9 Years of experience
  • Science
  • Mominpore

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Pari Chaudhary, Kolkata


left-top.pngOTOO tuition provided me tutor the same day I requested them. It would have been impossible for me to find the best tutor for olympiad in such a short span of time. left-bottom.png

Anand Prabhat, Kolkata


left-top.pngthank you OTOO for providing tuitions continuously. I have never been sitting idle at home from the day i have started taking tution.left-bottom.png

Ravi Mehsana, Kolkata


left-top.pngOTOO tuiton ne mujhe bahot acha tutor provide kiya. Meri beti ka result bhi bahot acha aya hai. Mai OTOO home tution ko dhanyavad karna chahungi.left-bottom.png

Arjun Agarwal, Kolkata


Badminton with Otoo Tuitions

One of the most commonly found academic and non-academic sports which is played by all age groups is Badminton. Badminton has been here since the late 18th century. It was first played in England and then travelled in the rest of the world by people relocating from one continent to another. The game is played with badminton racquets with a shuttlecock that is hit across a net. Although it is played outdoor casually by everyone, it is an indoor game which is enjoyed by every age group whatsoever. Badminton is not a hard game to learn and has many health benefits as the body movement in the game is at max. It is categorised as an indoor game because a simple movement of wind can temper with the shuttlecock, resulting in it being deflected, so it has been played inside ever since it was noticed. 

We at OTOO have taken care of all the fields and subjects which are helpful for an individual's development. Badminton being a sport has been included in our platform to provide you the best coach we can for the particular sport. Across the city, we will connect you with the best and most suitable badminton coaches for your practise where you will have two options to receive the training and that is either by requesting a tutor at your home or reaching their location. You can choose the coach according to your requirements from the profiles we will provide you. All you gotta do is just sign up on the OTOO app and request a trainer for badminton sport. Our team will then contact you regarding the same and help you out with the further processing.

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