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Raj Gupta

, 28 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Biology
  • Swaroop Nagar

Ashwin Mathur

, 25 years
  • 3 Years of experience
  • Hindi, Biology
  • Nawabganj

Ashok Agarwal

, 30 years
  • 8 Years of experience
  • English
  • Allahabad Road

Pradeep Charan

, 35 years
  • 9 Years of experience
  • Physics
  • Naubasta

Shankar Aggarwal

, 41 years
  • 6 Years of experience
  • Hindi
  • Harsh Nagar

Shrikant Pareek

, 28 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Chemistry
  • Pukhrayan

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Physics with Otoo Tuitions

A subject that haunts most students after mathematics is physics. Physics is a subject that deals with the study of physical objects, substances, matter, and natural forces like light, movement, energy, etc. it also studies the properties of matter and energy. The versatility present in the subject explores different mysteries of the universe that lie behind normal human interpretation. Energy can be defined in many forms such as light, heat, electricity, motion, kinetic, etc. Whereas matter covers all the smallest to biggest units like an visible object to an invisible atom. Physics and mathematics can always be found functioning together as physics involves accuracy of concepts which can be described precisely by the help of mathematical approach. Concepts like units of measurement, formulae, numerical values, derivations can be found similar in both mathematics and physics. Although studying physics on your own can be a little complicated, it steers your critical thinking at the same time. It challenges you to solve the problems on an analytical side involving various different formulae and theorems altogether at the same time. 

Physics plays an important life in our day to day life as well. Technology would not have been possible without putting physics into use. While there are various fields physics offer as career options for students, clearing the concepts at primary level in student’s academia plays an important role for students to be sure upon taking the subject further for future. 

Looking at the difficulty of students in understanding the subject, OTOO has brought home tuitions in Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Indore for physics subjects with the best tutors around you. We constantly work towards providing you with the best tutors in the city at your home.

Why choose OTOO? He is the answer!


1. Personal attention towards all the queries.

2. Special attention on all the weak areas of the student which needs to be improved.

3. No interference of other people during study hours.

4. Personalized methods of teaching and improving in the subject.

5. The effective study material provided by the tutor to individual students.

Home Tuition Works Better than Coaching Classes


With competition becoming tougher and class size increasing, children are stressed to perform better. Home tuitions help you bring the focus back to your child and get one-on-one attention from the best teachers. Our students clear their concepts directly, learn confidently and improve their grades.


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