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Raj Gupta

, 28 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Biology
  • Swaroop Nagar

Ashwin Mathur

, 25 years
  • 3 Years of experience
  • Hindi, Biology
  • Nawabganj

Ashok Agarwal

, 30 years
  • 8 Years of experience
  • English
  • Allahabad Road

Pradeep Charan

, 35 years
  • 9 Years of experience
  • Physics
  • Naubasta

Shankar Aggarwal

, 41 years
  • 6 Years of experience
  • Hindi
  • Harsh Nagar

Shrikant Pareek

, 28 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Chemistry
  • Pukhrayan

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Biology with Otoo Tuitions

Biology is a branch of science that deals with the living organisms and all of their vital processes which help them sustain life. It can be further divided into many branches involving the study of human beings, animals and plants. While no matter how complex an organism is, somewhere all the existing organisms share the same characteristics, which mainly constitutes an example of a cell. 

Biology has been able to answer any questions about genesis and evolution of an organism, making it simpler for further scientific investigations and experiments.

Biology is unquestionably an important subject in a student’s life as it tells us about the beginning of life and provides us with the basic concept of living. The subject opens up a variety of career options to opt for after a student completes his or her schooling. The common fields which are known to most of the people in Biology are Medical Science, Biotechnology, Veterinary Science, Health Specialist, etc.

While there are these fields which are commonly known to everyone, there are some undiscovered options which students find interesting to pursue a career in. Biology has brought about several options which look tempting enough to be tried. Working in a lab coat in a forensic laboratory can be as fascinating as discovering a new organism on your own. Students nowadays have started exploring this field more and more but it is also important to understand that the basics of this subject need to be clear for accurate decision making. We at OTOO provide you with the best biology faculty of the city at your home for your little one to excel the subject right in the comfort of your home. 

Hesitant about home tuitions? Well, here are a few reasons for why you should choose OTOO Hume tuition solutions for your child-


1. Personal attention towards all the queries.

2. Special attention on all the weak areas of the student which needs to be improved.

3. No interference of other people during study hours.

4. Personalized methods of teaching and improving in the subject.

5. The effective study material provided by the tutor to individual students.

Home Tuition Works Better than Coaching Classes


With competition becoming tougher and class size increasing, children are stressed to perform better. Home tuitions help you bring the focus back to your child and get one-on-one attention from the best teachers. Our students clear their concepts directly, learn confidently and improve their grades.


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