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Tikam Khatri

, 25 years
  • 4 Years of experience
  • Biology
  • Sector 26

Raghu Vyas

, 26 years
  • 6 Years of experience
  • Social Science
  • Manimajra

Kuku Sharma

, 28 years
  • 5 Years of experience
  • English, History
  • Industrial Area Phase II


, 25 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Science
  • DLF Mullanpur

Ashok Sachdeva

, 23 years
  • 4 Years of experience
  • Reasoning, English
  • Sector 17

Meena Lal

, 21 years
  • 4 Years of experience
  • Physics
  • Burail

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left-top.pngMy experience with OTOO home tuition is extremely good. It was more than my expectation as the way they assist us in connecting to the student and throughout support is really commendable. Thank You, OTOO.left-bottom.png

Viren Sharma, Chandigarh


left-top.pngI was in a big stress of finding a good home tutor for my daughter until I found OTOO home tuitions. I had to call my friends and neighbours but never got a perfect home teacher. Now I have the best home tutor without taking pain on my own. left-bottom.png

Ar. Sarita Chaudhary, Chandigarh


left-top.png I would like to congratulate OTOO home tuition to provide us with the best home tuition experience and hassle-free at the same time. I have taken tuitions from other sources but the most reliable and fruitful was with the OTOO home tuitions.left-bottom.png

Sachin Patel, Chandigarh


left-top.pngOTOO home tuition has changed the conventional method of finding a home tutor. I was preparing for the IELTS and it was very difficult for me to travel for the coaching, OTOO provided a tutor in 1 day and I cleared my exam with 8 bands. Thank you OTOO tuition.left-bottom.png

Sandeep Kaswan, Chandigarh


English with Otoo Tuitions

English is the main language of this planet, the most important and widely used language in the world. It is a very important part of everyone’s lives because it is a medium through which people communicate. Everywhere in the world we can find people who speak English. Knowing English broadens the world for everyone, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country. actually broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country. Learning English can improve the quality of students. There are numerous benefits of learning English. Students can not survive without learning English because it is now an important part of their lives. Be it education, job, building relationships English is required everywhere, so no one can ignore the fact that how important is English as a language. Students need to be fluent in this language. Grammar and vocabulary should be taken care of because English is used as an official language for various purposes and students now cannot afford to be bad at this language. It is an important language because without this language kids would not be able to learn other subjects. So, it is important that kids have a good understanding and knowledge of English. We at OTOO work towards bringing about the best English tutors in the city at your home just a call away. 

OTOO finds the best English tutor around you and provides the best home tuition experience a student can have. Here are some of the benefits mentioned for why you should go for home tuitions with OTOO in English:


1. Personal attention towards all the queries.

2. Special attention on all the weak areas of the student which needs to be improved.

3. No interference of other people during study hours.

4. Personalized methods of teaching and improving in the subject.

5. The effective study material provided by the tutor to individual students.

Home Tuition Works Better than Coaching Classes


With competition becoming tougher and class size increasing, children are stressed to perform better. Home tuitions help you bring the focus back to your child and get one-on-one attention from the best teachers. Our students clear their concepts directly, learn confidently and improve their grades.


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