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January 2020

Board Examination Up!! Things to Remember


Like all exams, one needs to be well prepared to successfully pass the board exam without any hassle. It is important to remember that if a student takes the board exam, it can be as stressful for your child as it will be for themselves - possibly more. It is best for parents to keep calm and not put any unnecessary pressure on their child. Nowadays, there are tutors in the market who specialize in boards; however, they are usually booked in advance. Sessions often require months of planning to take advantage of private tutoring. In addition, parents need to be [...]

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October 2019

Meditation in Schools: A Better Perspective


Meditation has existed over a long time now. It has gradually come into everyone’s view after seeing its long-lasting effects on the human body and soul. Not only at home or meditation centers, but meditation has been included in schools and institutions nowadays. Meditation is a process of channeling thoughts in a single direction through the process of concentration and focused breathing. Meditation involves contemplating the thoughts of the human mind to bring out the best out of the positive ones and let the negative thoughts go in a managed way which would help grow a person mentally. With time, more [...]

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