October 2019

Meditation in Schools: A Better Perspective


Meditation has existed over a long time now. It has gradually come into everyone’s view after seeing its long-lasting effects on the human body and soul. Not only at home or meditation centers, but meditation has been included in schools and institutions nowadays. Meditation is a process of channeling thoughts in a single direction through the process of concentration and focused breathing. Meditation involves contemplating the thoughts of the human mind to bring out the best out of the positive ones and let the negative thoughts go in a managed way which would help grow a person mentally. With time, more [...]

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6 Biggest Benefits of Studying Abroad


Almost every student must have thought of pursuing his or her higher studies from abroad. As this idea of studying in a foreign country comes with a lot of fairytale dreams, some students make this dream happen by preparing well for their desired universities in a foreign land. Universities in other developed countries like the US, Australia, Germany, France, etc. have some oldest universities in the world which serve best for students in every regard. So to want to be a part of such most sought universities can be considered a natural goal in case of any student who wishes to [...]

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August 2019

Why Home Tuitions?


Why Home Tuitions? The approach towards teaching is changing with the changing scenarios of the present time. One can witness drastic changes in the teaching methods from traditional classrooms. We can see modern teaching methods being adopted for coping up with the changing time. We even come across more technologies that no one could ever think of in the earlier years. One such method that has gained popularity in recent years is home tutoring. In recent years, private tuitions have often been considered as one of the most effective ways of helping students with academics. There are drastic changes seen [...]

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Why Home Tuitions Are Beneficial?


There are reasons why home tutoring has become increasingly popular; along with helping students with the academic grades they also give a wide range of subjects. They also positively impact the student’s abilities. By opting for home tuitions the students can afford enormous benefits. Here are a few benefits of our home tutoring. Affordability One of the most notable advantages of home tutoring is affordability. Our home tuitions are quite affordable compared to the high fees coaching institutes that every parent must have thought of sending their kids. Here we are providing you with a tutor at your place and [...]

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Parental Role in Child Development


Parental Role in Child Development Learning comes in many forms. For a child, the process of learning starts at home. Parents are the first Teachers of the child. Parents play an important role in the overall development of the child. The way parents involve themselves with children closely influences their personality. A child is a complete reflection of the morals and values that are bestowed on them through their parents. It is the guidance of the parents through which children become what they become. Parenting cannot be an easy process and it something Parents can escape or take a break [...]

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