Like all exams, one needs to be well prepared to successfully pass the board exam without any hassle. It is important to remember that if a student takes the board exam, it can be as stressful for your child as it will be for themselves – possibly more. It is best for parents to keep calm and not put any unnecessary pressure on their child.

Nowadays, there are tutors in the market who specialize in boards; however, they are usually booked in advance. Sessions often require months of planning to take advantage of private tutoring. In addition, parents need to be prepared for the financial aspect of private tuition.

The best way for a student to prepare for board exams is to plan ahead and prepare slowly over time. Ensuring that they conform to their school curriculum and prepare according to the school syllabus. It is beneficial to do according to the school teacher and home tuition teacher, because the home tuition teacher recognizes his weaknesses, so he asks to pay attention to the things that the students can understand well.

There are some things to consider before the Board Exam, which require more attention than others. For such things please refer to the distribution of topics, so that you can understand what are the things that need more attention and have fixed shot questions on the boards. So remember them to the extent that you will never forget them. For all these you just want a little attention. So, you can stick stickers of those important things on the walls of your study room. So whenever you see them, you will remember something.

  • Repeat this day by day, and so you will become a master.
  • Recall the science formula from the Lighting chapter about mirrors and lens formulas and their derivation. Trigonometry from Maths, English Meaning and Grammar, and many more. Now all you need is revision modification.

We feel that the board will forget many things before the exam; not actually. Make sure that you study properly without any nervousness about the day of board exam. If you have studied properly, you will definitely remember them. Never study new subjects before the exam which really bothers you.

We know that hard work and regular study is the best thing to prepare you for the board exams. So the student should read some important chapters from their syllabus daily, but the student should remember to read all his books at once because the student should understand that what he has read appears in the question paper. Secondly, check the old question papers and prepare all the questions.

The student must do study from the beginning of the year to the examination. The student has to give only 2 hours in a day for study only. Because we know that we cannot read everything in two months. So it is necessary to have daily read.

A few minutes before turning off the light at the time of the exam are a great time to remember the student. Learning before bedtime greatly improves memory retention – so when students stick to bed, read quickly through the most important facts, equations, or vocabulary.

Do a fun job during exams such as watching a comedy show, kicking out or fiddling with photos on Instagram. Laughing will help you relax, reduce stress and help you sleep well at night! And with less stress, studies will be good.

Do not drink too much water during the exam, you need one sip every hour. Dehydration is not going to be a problem during the exam, but every five minutes one needs to drink several pints of water and a toilet break. The sip is just for a quick turn so that you can study for a long time.

The first and foremost requirement to demonstrate your best ability at the time of examination is to remain calm. So stay calm so that you can study well.

Modify what the student has learned, just a few days away from the board exams, don’t start studying the chapters or topics you haven’t touched before. Stick to what you already know and focus on the chapters you are confident about.

The student should be confident about himself. When students hear about the preparedness of their friends or classmates, they get most of their panic. It is prudent to believe in yourself by observing what others have studied. And you should always believe in yourself and not be afraid.

This is unusual but you should not isolate yourself from the world. This is just an exam and not a sentence. Isolating yourself and only studying will only eventually increase stress. You do not need to surround yourself with many people but make sure that you meet up your friends once in a while, go for a walk or enjoy some rejuvenating time with family.

Remember this is not the end of the world. A good or bad score in board exam do not determine your worth. Just appear for the exams with a cool mind and focus on justifying your own potential rather than competing with others.