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February 2020

Teacher: Guide to Life


The education provided by the teacher plays an important role in the student's life to succeed in the career and business of the student. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society and good citizens of the country. The teacher knows that the student is the future of any country; today the trend of home tuition has become more prominent. People give more importance to the home tuition to the student than the school and see the home tuition teacher who is in the student's home be near so that there is no problem in coming. The future development [...]

Teacher: Guide to Life2020-02-12T06:32:46+00:00

January 2020

Prevention of crime: Teachers Responsibility?


It is generally known that teachers play an important role in preventing or reducing crimes in schools. Students learn how to live life, learning the knowledge given by the teacher. Therefore, it is up to the teacher to give children knowledge of right and wrong things. For this, making teachers a safe place where children can learn and grow depends on partnerships between students, parents, teachers and other community institutions. Every employee of the school should take action to stop school crime. Teachers engaging children in anti-criminal activities in their school. Anti-criminal poster competition, anti-drug rally, counseling volunteers. And to make [...]

Prevention of crime: Teachers Responsibility?2020-01-31T04:23:00+00:00

Understanding the POSCO Act, 2012


The Pocso Act is an abbreviation for the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO). Under the Pocso Act-2012, sexual harassment towards children and to prevent heinous crimes like sexual exploitation and pornography for this, the Ministry of Women and Child Development enacted the Pocso Act-2012. Unhappy with the increasing frustration in the society and the increasing sexual crimes against girls, the government has enacted a "POCSO law" to protect girls from sexual violence. The full name of the POCSO Act is "The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act" or the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act. POCSO [...]

Understanding the POSCO Act, 20122020-01-17T04:39:48+00:00

Board Examination Up!! Things to Remember


Like all exams, one needs to be well prepared to successfully pass the board exam without any hassle. It is important to remember that if a student takes the board exam, it can be as stressful for your child as it will be for themselves - possibly more. It is best for parents to keep calm and not put any unnecessary pressure on their child. Nowadays, there are tutors in the market who specialize in boards; however, they are usually booked in advance. Sessions often require months of planning to take advantage of private tutoring. In addition, parents need to be [...]

Board Examination Up!! Things to Remember2020-01-10T07:44:48+00:00

Social Media- Friend or Foe for Students


These days, the increasing trend of social media has not only caught the youth, but even the teenage students have not been able to stay away from its attraction. The habit of accessing these websites till the morning and before going to sleep at night has left the children beyond the real world. When will the students sitting on mobile phones with every moment in their hands get time to introspect? When will they be able to think about their identity or their purpose? The main reason for the increasing problem of stress among students is their increasing business on social [...]

Social Media- Friend or Foe for Students2020-01-02T07:20:53+00:00

December 2019

Importance of Pre-Primary Education


India is the largest country to provide primary education through alliances of government or aided schools. All common and personal learning-learning processes that teach people how to live life in the best way are called primary education. According to Indian traditions, families are centers of pre-primary education. The mother is considered to be the first teacher of the child, who motivates the child to socialize her behavior by inspiring auspicious rites. The father also acts as a teacher after the mother, who inspires her for virtue by inspiring her auspicious works. And examining the child which is more interested in the [...]

Importance of Pre-Primary Education2019-12-31T05:14:37+00:00

October 2019

Meditation in Schools: A Better Perspective


Meditation has existed over a long time now. It has gradually come into everyone’s view after seeing its long-lasting effects on the human body and soul. Not only at home or meditation centers, but meditation has been included in schools and institutions nowadays. Meditation is a process of channeling thoughts in a single direction through the process of concentration and focused breathing. Meditation involves contemplating the thoughts of the human mind to bring out the best out of the positive ones and let the negative thoughts go in a managed way which would help grow a person mentally. With time, more [...]

Meditation in Schools: A Better Perspective2019-11-22T11:01:37+00:00

6 Biggest Benefits of Studying Abroad


Almost every student must have thought of pursuing his or her higher studies from abroad. As this idea of studying in a foreign country comes with a lot of fairytale dreams, some students make this dream happen by preparing well for their desired universities in a foreign land. Universities in other developed countries like the US, Australia, Germany, France, etc. have some oldest universities in the world which serve best for students in every regard. So to want to be a part of such most sought universities can be considered a natural goal in case of any student who wishes to [...]

6 Biggest Benefits of Studying Abroad2019-11-22T10:59:37+00:00

August 2019

Why Home Tuitions?


Why Home Tuitions? The approach towards teaching is changing with the changing scenarios of the present time. One can witness drastic changes in the teaching methods from traditional classrooms. We can see modern teaching methods being adopted for coping up with the changing time. We even come across more technologies that no one could ever think of in the earlier years. One such method that has gained popularity in recent years is home tutoring. In recent years, private tuitions have often been considered as one of the most effective ways of helping students with academics. There are drastic changes seen [...]

Why Home Tuitions?2019-11-22T11:08:19+00:00

Why Home Tuitions Are Beneficial?


There are reasons why home tutoring has become increasingly popular; along with helping students with the academic grades they also give a wide range of subjects. They also positively impact the student’s abilities. By opting for home tuitions the students can afford enormous benefits. Here are a few benefits of our home tutoring. Affordability One of the most notable advantages of home tutoring is affordability. Our home tuitions are quite affordable compared to the high fees coaching institutes that every parent must have thought of sending their kids. Here we are providing you with a tutor at your place and [...]

Why Home Tuitions Are Beneficial?2019-11-22T11:09:04+00:00
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