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Best Tutors in Lucknow

Suneet Mathur

, 39 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Hindi
  • Aliganj

Anand Menawat

, 28 years
  • 7 Years of experience
  • Politics, History
  • Mohanlalganj

Mukesh Singhal

, 21 years
  • 4 Years of experience
  • Organic Chemistry, Physics
  • Chinhat

Himmat Singh

, 19 years
  • 3 Years of experience
  • Vedic Maths
  • Triveni Nagar

Amit Sharma

, 38 years
  • 8 Years of experience
  • Maths
  • Dubagga

Mohan Gupta

, 31 years
  • 9 Years of experience
  • History, Civics
  • Krishna Nagar
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left-top.pngOTOO home tuition provided me the best tution experience. I am paid according to my expectation.left-bottom.png

Anchal Gupta, Lucknow


left-top.pngI like that i was given full interaction with the tutor before starting the tuition. The tutor was very helpful. Thank You OTOO. left-bottom.png

Mahesh Verma, Lucknow


left-top.pngOTOO tuition was only website which provided me tution quickly. left-bottom.png

Anjali Singh, Lucknow


left-top.pngI messaged OTOO team and they replied positively. Thanks for always give quick response. left-bottom.png

Manoj Kumar, Lucknow


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Recently posted requirements

  • posted-by.png By : Suman Sharma
  • class-teaches.png Class 7
  • CBSE
  • Sanskrit, Hindi
  • Jankipuram
  • want experienced teacher 4-6 years for Sanskrit+hindi cbse board.
  • posted-by.png By : Sameer Sharma
  • class-teaches.png Class 6
  • NIOS
  • Computer
  • Hazratganj
  • want an experienced tutor from timings 4pm to 6pm, prefer female teacher
  • posted-by.png By : Anil Choudhary
  • class-teaches.png Class 2
  • CBSE
  • All Subjects
  • Mohanlalganj
  • want male teacher for all subjects, main focus should be on english+maths
  • posted-by.png By : Anil Gupta
  • class-teaches.png Class 11
  • State Board
  • Biology
  • Rajajipuram
  • 11th State Board timings 3-4 or 6-7, want male teacher with experience of 5-6 in biology


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